Grendel's Cold
Series 01, Episode 10
Air Date 26 March 2010
Previous A Friend Indeed
Next Smoke and Mirrors

Grendel's Cold is the tenth episode of Dead Gorgeous which was first broadcast on the 26th of March, 2010.

Synopsis Edit

With nowhere to go for mid-year vacation, Hazel, Sophie and Rebecca are forced to spend the break in school. Unfortunately, Agatha's also away, and Sophus, Grendel and Buddy choose to keep them company...and run amok in school grounds.

And Grendel reveals that she actually died en route to battle after coming down with a cold...that has come back to haunt her every year since. Even worse, the school bus breaks down, forcing the other students back to the school...which means that Grendel's cold gets out of hand when Rebecca rubs it in Christine's face.