Dying to Belong
Series 01, Episode 02
Dying to belong
Air Date 16 March 2010
Previous 150 Years Later
Next Sisters in the Mind

Dying to Belong is the second episode of Dead Gorgeous which aired on 16 March 2010.

Summary Edit

The three sisters begin to discover what advantages they have of being 'living ghosts' in their new environment. Rebecca and Sophie find out about the world of computers and the internet, while Hazel becomes fascinated by a new friend: the television.

Seeing popularity as a big asset for the modern day school girl, Rebecca decides to try and become friends with Christine, one of the most popular girls in school.

Full plot Edit

Still attempting to settle into life as 'living ghosts' the sisters begin to discover the modern advantages to their new environment. Desperate to fit in, Rebecca identifies Christine and her friends as the route to popularity. Christine takes the situation to advantage and tells Rebecca in order to be a part of her group Rebecca must scare Haiwyn Sinclaire. Christine locks the sisters in Haiwyn's office. Jonathan hears what Christine planned to do and climbs up to Haiwyn's window on his ladder.