150 Years Later
Series 01, Episode 01
150 years later
Air Date 15 March 2010
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150 Years later is the first episode of Dead Gorgeous which first broadcast on the 15th of March 2010.

Summary Edit

The Girls arrive as living ghosts. Because they lived in the Victorian times, they are not used to the 21st century and talk and act in an old-fashioned way. They meet their guardian, Agatha, and her group, Buddy, Grendell and Sophus. They are dead ghosts and they guide the sisters with their problems. The sisters soon become friends with Jonathan and meet David,who Rebecca has a crush on and the spoilt Christine and her friends.

Full plot Edit

The Ainsworth sisters, Rebecca, Sophie and Hazel, died in the mid-1800s and are given a second chance to experience life as teenagers 150 years later. As such, they are three very refined, but spirited, Victorian girls, trying to fit into a society totally alien to the one they have known. However hard they may try to fit in and not call attention to themselves, they will always stand out a bit from the crowd.

Arriving back at their old house, now a private boarding school, the sisters must work out why and how they went from being dead to being seen by humans, while being able to levitate and walk through walls. On top of all that, 150 years have passed and times have certainly changed.